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Originally an accordionist, Olivier Urbano discovered the bandoneon in the 2010s through the music of Astor Piazzolla. Introduced to this instrument thanks to Oblivion, the Milonga del Angel or Soledad, he will find the culmination of this discovery by the interpretation of the Misatango, accompanied on the piano by Martin Palmeri, the composer himself. A work of great originality which mixes the polyphonic writing specific to the traditional Mass in Latin, and the rhythms of the tango of his country of origin, Argentina.

Misatango - Martín Palmeri

This recording comes from one of his first performances of the Misa Tango, presented in the Cathedral of St. Benedict in Dijon in 2017, alongside the Maîtrise de Dijon choir conducted by Etienne Meyer on the occasion of their Christmas concert.
Misatango 20 juillet 2019